Bug in SQL Assistant 15.00

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Bug in SQL Assistant 15.00

I think you have introduced a bug in SQL Assistant 15.00, changes I am making to the setup are not maintained after a restart.

The (CTRL+D) to toggle the comment on/off are not predefined. Therefore I am manually doing this setup.

From the Tools menu I am selecting the: Customize. In the Customize window I am selecting “Keyboard…” In the Customize Keyboard menu, I am selecting the Query entry in the Categories, and from the Commands I am selecting the Comment entry. Hereafter I am specifying then (CTRL+D) from the Specify a Shortcut dropdown box. Finally I am pressing the Assign button. Then I close down all menus.

Back in the Query editor window, the comment (Block comment only!!) is now working by pressing the (CTRL+D) on the keyboard.

BUT!! BUT!! BUT!! After shutting down SQL Assistant and restarting it, the setting I just performed has been deleted! And to have the (CTRL+D) to work again I have to perform the setup again. I have now tried it several times and every time SQL Assistant is closed the setup I just made has been deleted! This cannot be the right way for the software to work.

I have looked in the folder where SQL Assistant EXE file are located, but I have not been able to find any setup files where I manually can defined the shortcut!

Please help!!! If there is a BUG then please fix the BUG and send me a new TTU 15!! If I am doing something wrong then please guide me to how to make the setup change right!!

Peter Schwennesen

PS: the TTU14 that I was asked to uninstall before been able to install the TTU15, deleted all TTU14 software and also all SQL Assistant 13 software that I have manually installed.

Teradata Employee

Re: Bug in SQL Assistant 15.00

In 15.0 we changed the shortcut for Toggle Comment to be Ctrl+/.

This is more consistant with other apps and allows us to use Ctrl+D to remove (Delete) all bookmarks.

Although almost anything can be changed by using 'Customize' there was code in the app to detect Ctrl+D and change it to Ctrl+/ so it was undoing your change every time it restarted.

In the latest efix that should only happen the first time you run 15.0.