COALESCE in FastLoad Script

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COALESCE in FastLoad Script

I am trying to load data into a terdata database from a flat file (comma delimeted). The one problem I have encountered is character data. If a value is not supplied in the file, fast loads interprets this to null. However, the columns I am trying to load into do not allow nulls by design. I would rather fast load insert an empty string ("").

I have defined a default value, but that to does not overtake the null since I have to supply the column since some values to exist in the input file. I have also tried using the COASESCE function in the script, but I get an error, "expression not allowed in Fast Load Insert, column RESTRICTACCESS".

Can anyone assist me in a work around for this w/o having to change the column definition to accept null values?

Here is the part of the script using COALESCE.




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Re: COALESCE in FastLoad Script

How about using MultiLoad instead? That would support COALESCE.

Re: COALESCE in FastLoad Script

Thanks for the suggestion. I was trying to use FastLoad and didn't know if that was possible.


Re: COALESCE in FastLoad Script

Just to close the topic, I had a Teradata class this week and this is not possible in FastLoad. Nor is any other SQL function in this manner (trim, etc.). You must use multiload or BTEQ.