Creating a new Table

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Creating a new Table

Sorry about this but I'm a bit green to using Terdata SQL assistant,
I'm trying to create a table using the SQL as below:

Create Table xw55.temp_prods As (
Select *
From dxwi_prod_roi_view_Access.VWI0BPR_BASE_PRODUCT
Where product_sub_group_code = 'W31AA' )

But I'm getting an error message saying:
3706: Syntax error: expected something between ')' and ';'

What is it expecting ?? (I'm tearing my hair out with this one!)

Hope someone can help.


Re: Creating a new Table

...with [no] data

with no data : creates only the structure

with data : creates the structure and insert lines from the SELECT query
Teradata Employee

Re: Creating a new Table

And you generally should also specify a PI, otherwise it will default to NUPI on the first column only.