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DATASTAGE & release mload

Hi everybody,
i am asked how , if any reason to do that, to pass a (bteq) release mload command from datastage side, in case of a MLOAD job ending with error code.
I do not know Datastage, just aware it is submitting MLOAD jobs and it can deal with work and error tables.
Thank you for your remarks or documentation links,


Re: DATASTAGE & release mload

runt the folloiwng commnds through bteq script and call the bteq script through datastage sequencer.

DROP TABLE database_name.ET_table;
DROP TABLE database.WT_table;
DROP TABLE database.UV_table;
RELEASE MLOAD database.table;
.if errorlevel = 0 then .quit 0
.if errorcode = 2580 then .quit 2
RELEASE MLOAD database.table IN APPL
.if errorlevel <>0 then .quit 1
.quit 0