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What does DBCErrorCode 2794 mean in mload UV table...?

Also kindly let me know ,how can we get more details on these DBC ErrorCode


Re: DBCErrorCode

Error code 2794 means "Mload mark duplicate insert".
It means flat file you are loading in TD table, contains the duplicate primary index values.
Only remedy is fix the file.

More Teradata errors and messages can be found at "http://www.info.teradata.com". Its a pdf file.
It will tell you explanation about the error code and remedy for it.

Re: DBCErrorCode

Hi Dhiraj ,


I am getting ERROR CODE - 2794 while loading data from source to target using informatica.

And there is no duplicates in source system.

Can you please help me why i am getting error code - 2794 eventhough there are no duplicates at source end.



Thanks in advance !


Re: DBCErrorCode

No duplicates in the source system doesn't neccessarily mean no duplicates in the target system.

Teradata Employee

Re: DBCErrorCode

For example, if the data types change then perhaps the data becomes duplicate, e.g. '00', '0','' all could map to an integer value of 0.

Or perhaps the source system is case-specific for string comparisons and your target is defined / defaulted to NOT CASESPECIFIC.

Or you may have VARCHAR data that differs only in trailing spaces (which are not significant in standard  / Teradata SQL; but Oracle, in particular, considers different numbers of trailing spaces to be different values).

Re: DBCErrorCode

Hi Fred,


Both source and target datatypes are Integer only.