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Dead lock

I am having Two Tpump scripts in which both are trying to insert on the same table.So that my process is getting very slow and reaching deadlock.

Can we avoid this by changing both scripts to Mload and by keeping command
-->Tablewait hours
on it.

I dont know clearly how Table wait will work.

Is there any other way to avoid above situation.

Re: Dead lock

- if you use multiple sessions, be shure to SERIALIZE on the PI columns
-In worst case you have to set PACK to 1

Can't you combine both jobs into 1 or run them serially?

Of course you could try to change your script to MLoad, but there's probably a reason why TPump over MLoad was choosen initially.
But if you know both jobs it would be better to control when they run, one after the other.

MultiLoad reference:
"The TABLEWAIT runtime option in which hours is the number of hours
that Multiload continues trying to start Multiload when one of the target
tables is being loaded by some other job

When the Multiload utility tries to start MultiLoad, and the Teradata
Database indicates that the target table is being loaded (Error 2574), the
Multiload utility:
• Waits for 6 minutes, by default, or for the amount of time specified by
the SLEEP runtime option.
• Then tries to start MultiLoad again.
Multiload repeats this process until it has either acquired the table or
exceeded the TABLEWAIT (hours) time period."