Delimited text data export

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Delimited text data export

Using SQL Assistant, I create export files using the Export Results option, and select Delimited Text as the format. Can I use BTEQ or Fast Export to create a file formatted in the exact same format? The file format is a variable length, tab delimited data file with column names as the first row.

Re: Delimited text data export

No, you can't - the closest you can come getting comma-delimited output from BTEQ or FastExport is trimming fields and concatenating delimiters onto them in SQL, then writing the output in TEXT mode.

Teradata's newest ETL tool, Teradata Parallel Transporter, supports writing delimited data. In most cases, I've had pretty good luck looking for the true final destination of data and seeing if there was another way to get data there without creating an intermediate delimited file.

- Chris