Delimiter issue in Fastload

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Delimiter issue in Fastload

Hi All,

when I was loading CSV file into staging table by using Fastload getting below issue

In my script delimiter is "," but few fields in CSV file was having comma (,) is a part of the data since data was not loading respective columns in table.


Data available in CSV file is as mentioned below


"101","narsi", 1000

"102","varchan,reddy", 2000

"103","madhu", 5000



Teradata Employee

Re: Delimiter issue in Fastload

FastLoad, or more specifically the legacy Data Connector (PIOM) does not provide special handling for quoted data.

Consider using TPT LOAD. The TPT Data Connector operator does support "optionally quoted" input like this.

Or you could change the file to use a delimiter that does not occur in the data. There's also the option to write your own AXSMOD / INMOD to use with FastLoad and handle the current format, but why do that if TPT already provides it.

Teradata Employee

Re: Delimiter issue in Fastload

The Data Connector (we do not really refer to it as "legacy" since it is used by BTEQ, which is not a frozen product) does support quoted delimited data (as does FastLoad, MultiLoad and TPump), but we do not talk about it often because we really do want people to use TPT instead.

The Data Connector also does support embedded delimiters inside quoted fields.

Please refer to the utility documentation for the syntax.

-- SteveF