Differences between macro and bteq

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Differences between macro and bteq

Hi all,

Can any one tell me , what is the difference between macro and bteq.As macro contains set of sql statements and bteq also contains set of sql statements.we can have user rights on macro.can any one tell me some more differences.


Re: Differences between macro and bteq

1) BTEQ is a Teradata utility used in the client environment (Mainframe, UNIX, etc.,) to connect to the Teradata server and perform database functions. Macro is a Teradata Object defined and stored in the Data Dictionary.

2) BTEQ can perform some formatting on extracted data to generate reports. But, macro cannot.

3) In BTEQ, SQLs are sent from client environment to Teradata server each time we execute that, which requires more I/O operations. Since SQLs are stored in the Data Dictionary in Macro, I/O operations are less.