Dual Load with TPT??

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Dual Load with TPT??

Question: Is it possible to create a TPT 'job' that would allow us to extract data with one Producer (Export Operator) and load that single data set to two different Consumers (Load Operators) on two different TD Instances. e.g. extract data from a single source but load that data into two different tables on two separate systems (e.g. Prod & DR)?

From what I've reviewed about TPT, I would say yes, but would like confirmation and any references on how to, etc. if there are any.

Thanks in advance - JK, Swift Trans.
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Re: Dual Load with TPT??

JK Update.

We've tested the single pull/dual system load question presented above and it works fine. We've proved this primitive approach and now wish to expand it out down the road to support Dual load for an 'active' environemnt - i.e. a Prod environemnt on two different systems kepted in 'sync' through single pull/dual load cycles using TPT to capture the data.

Question: is anyone on the forum doing/supporting a cusotmer(s) doing this in any shape or form? If so, would be interested in making contact.

Thanks for your time in advance. JK - Swift Trans
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Re: Dual Load with TPT??

As you have learned, yes TPT will allow you to send the data from the Producer operator(s) to more than one Consumer operator (using the multiple-APPLY feature).

However, we do not, and will not, advertise or document this.

We do document one aspect of the feature, and it is called Intermediate File Logging. We developed this because some people
were retrieving their data through pipes or queues and wanted to capture a snapshot of what was being loaded, to a file.

So, we document that you can use the multi-APPLY to send the data to a Load/Update/Stream operator, and also to a file writer.

But as you can see, we do not enforce the consumer operators so yes you can send the data to multiple Load operators.

However, please do not think you are really getting a Dual Load solution. The way TPT works, if one machine were to go down, then the entire TPT job stops and you will not get the data sent to the other consumer operator.

This is very important to note.
-- SteveF