Dump data into a file

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Dump data into a file

1.I`ve tried fastexport

1.1. if I use varchar field
[font=Courier New]select .. || ',' || ... from ...[/font]
I have always n-bytes at the beginning of each row telling how long will be data for a row (I`ve tried format = text/unformat and mode = record/indicator)
I cannot have anything before a row.

1.2. if I use char field
[font=Courier New]select .. || ',' || (char(100)) ... from ...[/font]
and format = text mode = record it seems to be ok but each record has 100 bytes (in the future it will be n-kilobytes long) and my file will become very large for large amount of records.

2.I`ve used bteq command
2.1 but I`ve read that it is not so optimal for large amount of records.

The best idea would be something like 1.2 but without empty string at the end (I can add something like CRLF at the end of my concatenated string).

thx for any answers,