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Hi Forum Gurus,
Please clarify what data will cause insertion in ET table and what data will halt fast load/multiload abruptly...with some example....
We have seen written in manuals translation errors will be caught in ET table and uniqueness violation in UV..
Can anybody please explain these by some example

1)data likely to be captured in ET
2)Data likely to be in UV
3)data causing halt altogether and how to see which data is causing so....(in file)

As a starter it would be a great help...Hope somebody will reply

Re: ET & UV

It is down to where the error is spotted.
1. ET table contains data errors where Teradata cannot translate the field - invalid date, alpha in a numeric field.
2. UV entries are generated when there is a problem storing the row - uniqueness violation on an index or violation of a check constraint.
3. A halt occurs when the utility cannot send the data to Teradata - mainly field is too long in a CSV delimited file.