Error Handling for User Password Expiration

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Error Handling for User Password Expiration


We had a situation in our application where the user password expired in Teradata. A fast export job while trying to login failed with an error "RDBMS error: 3032, User password has expired." and the mainframe job abended. However a BTEQ job threw a warning as below:
"Error: Cannot redefine password in batch execution"
"Error: Logon failed."

There was no errorcheck statement within the BTEQ script immediately after the LOGON statement, but there was an errorcheck after the 1st SQL after the LOGON statement as follows: ".IF ERRORLEVEL >= 8 THEN .QUIT 8;"

But the logon failure was not caught in the errorcheck and hence the mainframe job did not abend. I have a couple of questions which I thought the members in the forum might be able to help me with:

1) Why does Fastexport throw an error when the password has expired but BTEQ only throws a warning? Is there an inherent difference in the utilities in the way they react to RDBMS errors?
2) Is there a way to handle the password expiration message and make the program abend?