Error while loading Mainframe Tape file using TPT

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Error while loading Mainframe Tape file using TPT


I am using TPT to load a large Tape file(250 million+ records) on Mainframes to a table. However while loading, below error message is thrown and the job terminates.

TPT_INFRA: TPT01036: Error: Task (TaskID: 4, Task Name: COORD) terminated due to the receipt of signal number 11      

Job step LOAD_DATA terminated (status -1)

Below are the versions of Teradata and TPT:

Teradata Database Release is

Teradata Database Version is

Teradata Parallel Transporter Version                 

Teradata Parallel Transporter SQL DDL Operator Version  

Any help on identifying the cause of the issue is highly appreciated.


When I tried spliting the Tape file to 4 Physical Sequential(PS) files with approx 60 million records each, the same error was thrown in only 2 out of 8 attempts.