EscapeTextdelimiter issue while export in TPT

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EscapeTextdelimiter issue while export in TPT

EscapeTextDelimiter option not working in TPT

Hello All,


We are exporting data through TPT and we need to escape both Quotes as well as delimiters in data because the data contains both quote and delimiter character.So to avoid any conflicts we are planning to escape both the enclosure and delimiter characters in the data while exporting data.


The options we are setting in the dataconnector operator are:


VARCHAR OpenQuoteMark = '"',
VARCHAR CloseQuoteMark = '"',

VARCHAR TextDelimiter     = '|',

VARCHAR QuotedData='Yes',

VARCHAR EscapeQuotecharacter='\'

VARCHAR EscapeTextDelimiter='*'



The quotes are coming properly,so are the delimiters and the quotes in data are escaped properly.But the delimiters character '|' when present in the data cannot be escaped.Is there anything wrong with the understandiing or the usage?

Just to add the version of TPT is 15.0 and Teradata is 13.0.Please help..