Export BYTE/VARBYTE data type using FastExport

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Export BYTE/VARBYTE data type using FastExport

Hi All,


Is it possible to offload BYTE/VARBYTE data using Teradata FastExport?

I have created a dummy table with a BYTE column type and inserted  values into it as shown below:

create table test_byte(col1 BYTE(5));

I have inserted values into the table using the expression

insert test_byte values('value'xb);


The record was inserted into the table successfully.

Now my requirement is to export this data type using a FastExport script.Generally for other data types while exporting we cast it into VARCHAR type but since this column is BYTE teradata is not allowing me to cast it into VARCHAR type.It is throwing an error

SELECT Failed.[3532]Conversion between BYTE data and other types in illegal.


Is it possbile to achieve this.My main requirement would be to export a table with BYTE among other data types(numeric,character) using FastExport utility.The teradata version we are using is 13.00




Indranil Roy