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Export output file formatting

Hi Guys,

I am using an export command in a BTEQ script. The output file needs to be formatted to get the a comma, pipe(|) or ~ delimited file. Can you guys please help me in this regard? The SQL Statement that I am passing to do this Export command is dynamic, hence can not be pre appended with any of the delimiters.

The Code snippet would look like this

Run the select statement in the file created by shell script
. run file $COL_FILE_NAME

Content of the $COL_FILE_NAME is something that would change dynamically during execution
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Re: Export output file formatting

Take a look at the Linux/Unix 'sed' command.




Re: Export output file formatting

You cannot do it if you are exporting a DATA file.
If you can do an EXPORT REPORT, you can:


(or whatever separator you want.)

If you do this, everything will come out as characters, you must suppress pagelength/ headings and column headings (you can only do this in your SQL), and the maximum line length is 265 characters.