FastExport ISSUE !!!

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FastExport ISSUE !!!

Greetings TD experts, 

I am a noob in using FastExport and I am facing a problem during runtime. After executing the script in command, I get the following error:

**** 14:36:41 UTY0847 Warning: RDBMS or network down. Trying to logon again.

**** 14:37:41 UTY8400 Network or RDBMS down,Cli error 207

**** 14:37:41 UTY2410 Total processor time used = '0.0936006 Seconds'

     .       Start : 14:28:25 - WED MAR 25, 2015

     .       End   : 14:37:41 - WED MAR 25, 2015

     .       Highest return code encountered = '12'.

Here is my script:

.LOGTABLE <db>.<tablename_lg>;

.RUN FILE <path>.logon.fxp; 




SELECT  cast(Ven_ID as (VARCHAR(2))||','||cast (VERTICAL as VARCHAR(17))||','||cast(CATEGORY as VARCHAR(8)) 

FROM <db>.<table>;



I created a logon file which contains the username password as someone suggested its secure this way.


.LOGON usernname,pwd;

Please help me out in whats going wrong here coz I am not able to move further.  To my understanding from the error it says network is down. But in reality it isn't. The tool stays to about 10-15 mins after executing the logon. Is there something wrong with my logon? I am working in windows platform. And I am not sure where to find my tpid incase I need to mention it, but the syntax says its optional and a default value ll be added in case if its not given. 

Thanks a lot people in advance :) 

Have a great day !

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Re: FastExport ISSUE !!!

Your logon need to point also to the server.

in the host file (/etc/host on Linux) you need to specifiy a cop entriy for the db

then you need to specifiy the system

.LOGON system/usernname,pwd;

Re: FastExport ISSUE !!!

That helped !! Thanks a lot :)