FastExport script using Filler

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FastExport script using Filler

I am trying to run a FastExport script in which data is extracted from the table using the WHERE clause. Now in the WHERE clause there is a VARCHAR column. For extraction I have defined the fields in the LAYOUT using FIELDS and FILLER.

Like, in the Teradata Database table there is a VARCHAR (128) column ACCOUNT_NAME which I am using in the WHERE clause. I am giving 6 characters in the input file and the remaining are spaces. So I define this in the LAYOUT as follows:

.LAYOUT Account_input;
.FIELD Accountnme VARCHAR(6);
.FILLER Restskip VARCHAR(122);

And the Select statement is as follow:


The script is running fine with return code 0. But I don't find any output though 1 row should be selected as per the input that I am giving.

So I was thinking that may be in my WHERE clause I need to mention the FILLER variable also, but I don’t know how to use it.
If you have any idea about the same can you please help me out?