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FastExport to Windows Named Pipe


I've created a Windows named pipe. My process is connection to the pipe and is ready to read it. I now need FastExport to write to the pipe. Is this possible without using FastLoad or the Named Pipe Access Module?

I'm looking to do something like this...

.EXPORT OUTFILE \.\pipe\testpipe

But this error tells me Fexp is looking for an actual file name like C:\test.txt.

**** 17:35:21 UTY4019 Access module error '34' received during 'File open' operation:
'pmUnxDskOpen: fopen error (Invalid argument)' File Name :

It is possible that I've not configured my pipe correctly. So if there is any one out there with any experience in this matter I need some help. Thanks!


Re: FastExport to Windows Named Pipe

To use a named pipe you need to

1) install a named pipe access module (Teredata provides one)

2) you have to add a parameter to the EXPORT command, like:

.export outfile \\.\pipe\tddemopipe AXSMOD np_axsmod.dll mode indicator;

Pay attention that at the time of writing, the version 13 named pipe does not support writing (so it's not possible to run a fastexport with pipes)...