Fastload - cannot open file

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Fastload - cannot open file

I am new to the Fastload utility. I am using it interactively, not with a batch file. I can login to my database, create & drop tables, and define columns, but I am having problems with the DEFINE FILE statement. It accepts DEFINE FILE=testfile; but the BEGIN LOADING statement returns the error: cannot find file 'testfile'. I have put the file in the FastLoad and Bin directories. Where should it go? Or are there other issues?
I am on Windows XP. I have defined an environment variable for FLOADLIB. I am using version 07.07.00.
Thanx for any help.
Teradata Employee

Re: Fastload - cannot open file

An unqualified filename should look in current working directory, or you can supply the full pathname. Use "" around the name if it contains blanks or special characters:

DEFINE FILE="C:\Documents and Settings\myuserid\My Documents\testfile"