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Find SP Debugging tools

i`m a jackeroo for teradata.a chance to take part in a project to transfer Oracle SP to teradata SP recently.After finished the coding,i dont know how to debug the SP step-by-step.the only way i can do is use the statement 'print' to verify the correctness. its so slowly and inefficient.Looking for a free tools to debug teradata SP.

Re: Find SP Debugging tools

I normally use a debug table that has a 3 fields - Step_Num, Step_MSG, Step_TS that I write to at the beginning and end of each step of the sproc that I am writting.

The content of the Step_MSG field can be anything - the fields that you are using as variables, a result set etc.The Timestamp lets me check for the performance of each step. Obviously the write to the debug table slow down the sproc but they are removed at the end of development.

Hope this helps