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Find phase of Multiload

How can we find that that in which phase MLoad is in (i.e. acquisition phase or application phase)? I guess it has to be somewhere in the tables that are associated with each MLoad(Worktable, Logtable, Errortable etc). How and where exactly should i have to look into. Secondly, how can we found these tables (Work, Log, Error tables) names that are related to a table on which MLoad is in progess?

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Re: Find phase of Multiload



Probably the best / easiest way to find all of this information is to look in the log file (on the client system) as the script is running.


It is undoubtedly recorded in the restart log table, but AFAIK the format of that data is not documented. You'd possibly be able to work it out by looking at a completed MLoad script - or maybe track the SQL requests for a completed Mload job via Query Log.




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