Having trouble with ARCMAIN COPY job that renames databases

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Having trouble with ARCMAIN COPY job that renames databases


We are attempting to perform an ARCMAIN COPY of mulitple databases from one Teradata system to another.

We have successfully run an ARCMAIN ARCHIVE of the desired databases. This archive was used to COPY the entire archive to another Teradata system successfully, so we have reasonable certainty that it's a good archive.

We want to take the same ARCHIVE, and COPY those databases to a different system. However, the database name of each database is different on the target system; effectively, each database name on the target system has a "Q_" prefix.

We've run into two problems:

1) We cannot get the COPY script to copy more than 1 database to the target; after the first database finishes copying, and the database lock releases, then the job simply hangs.

This is the COPY script we used to test this:

LOGON tddev.unfi.com/xxxxx, xxxxxxx;





FILE = NX01;


2) We also cannot seem to use the COPY script to copy a database with views in it. When we attempt to do so, the job hangs after authentication and ARCENV is used ot ID the backup file. Is this a known issue when attempting to perform a database rename on a db comprised of views during the COPY? We have attempted this with two databases in the COPY script, as well as with a single database in the script. ARCMAIN hung up both times, as soon as it was time to process the views database.

Any insight or help would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Having trouble with ARCMAIN COPY job that renames databases

Both copying to another database and copying databases containing views is possible and should succeed as you describe you are doing it,

aside from "Database Rename" (I asssume you mean your're copying to a database with a different name)

What RDBMS release is installed on both source and target systems?

What version of Arcmain?


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Re: Having trouble with ARCMAIN COPY job that renames databases

as well as the above...

1) probably need to turn on more verbosity to see what is going on ie. set the arcmain enable time parameter VB3 and then looking at the arcmain log/output

2) as the COPY operation requires more access rights than the RESTORE operation does the account being used will require the various CREATE rights ie. does this account have CREATE VIEWS rights?