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Help with metadata services


In the company we recently used the tool "metabrowse" to upload data to MDS, but by mistake remove a class within the tool "metabrowse" we have the support of the repository,

 but I require to know if using the backup repository, we can see class eliminated again within tool "metabrowse". thank you

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Re: Help with metadata services


I assume you mean you deleted a class of metadata and all of its objects from the MDS repository using metabrowse.

If you have a backup of your repository and restore it you will get the class back, but your metadata will not be current and you may need to resynchronize your Teradata databases in the repository. If you loaded other metadata that is not normally loaded through MetaManager or metaload since the backup was made, then you will need to reload this data again.


Re: Help with metadata services

Hi there,


MDS sounds very intresting, Eager to implement it. Does the MDS client have to be installed on teradata server? Or else, the Metabrowse or Metamanager tools are enough to create lineage etc. Could you point me some material for lineage implementation?


2. After using it ; what is your feedback? do you feel product added a great value to your bussiness?