I cant log into Teradata Manager

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I cant log into Teradata Manager

I have installed Teradata Express. For some reason that I can figure out, I can't log into Teradata Manager. It tells me "Invalid Logon String".

I'm using localtdcop1 (tried localtd, localhost) in the dbs
dbc in user and pwd.

I can use everything else except bteq.

I've starting teradata, installed the eclipse plugin.

the other issue I am running into is when I try to create a udf, it tells me (dbc) that I don't have permission. I'm pretty new to Teradata, but I figure I need to grant permissions through the Teradata Manager.

I tried customer support, but they don't seem to return messages.
Teradata Employee

Re: I cant log into Teradata Manager

In interactive mode, you must be prompted for the password; you only supply it in the logon statement when running in batch / script mode

.logon localtd/dbc

(assuming your hosts file has localtdcop1 defined)