ISAM Error with Teradata SQL Assistant

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ISAM Error with Teradata SQL Assistant

When using Teradata SQL Assistant, I constantly receive an error message stating the following:

"Unable to open history database--Could not find installable ISAM."

This happens when I first start up SQL Assistant, and it occurs everytime I run a query. The issue stems from the attempt by the application to create a record of my query history in a window within the application. This History window is useful as it records all queries you run--for easy access to frequently run queries. The history file is an Access DB (.mdb).

In an attempt to fix the error, I've tried uninstalling and re-installing versions of Office XP and Office 97, followed by uninstallation and re-installation of just Office XP. I've also followed the steps described in Microsoft Knowledge Base Article #283881, which did not solve the issue.

This issue began with an older version of Teradata SQL Assistant, and when I uninstalled and re-installed, that did not fix the problem. Today, my company upgraded to version 12, and I hoped that might fix the issue, but alas, the error is still popping up and I'm without the functionality of a history file.

Any ideas or solutions would be GREATLY appreciated as this is affecting other users of the software within my department.

Re: ISAM Error with Teradata SQL Assistant

Problem has been solved!

In Tools -> Options -> General Tab, at the bottom there is a choice of "Access 95" or "Access 2000".
Then you have to be sure it is on "Access 2000".

That fixed my problem!