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Re: Importing Data from file with sql assistant

Hi Dieter, 

   After investigating what is in the SQLA database and what is in the DBQLog, this problem becomes more puzzling.  I have the SQLA DB and the corresponding text obtained from the DBQLSQLTBL. I have a snipping of the SQLA History DB but don't know if our network security will allow this to pass on to you.  Unfortunately, without it I don't think that I can convincingly describe what happened.  The sequence went like, create table; realize that the table isn't quite right; drop table; recreate table a little differently; attempt an insert into the table as separate lines of code.  On the create and drop table commands, the StmtType was Create Table and Drop Table respectively.The next statement was an INSERT into the table but the Stmt Type says "DROP".  The SQLA DB History shows "INSERT INTO ..." so no drop and create was re-submitted but the surprise occurred when I look at DBQL.   The log shows that there were 3 statements executed and no substitutions occurred at all.  The DBQL is next and corresponds to the 10:24:37 query in the SQLA DB.  The SQLA version was  And, the entire problem may be that I don't ever use SQLA in this capacity as there are better tools but in the absence of the better tools, this is what I have.       DBQL Retrieval 1.PNGSQLA History.PNG