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I have value like "89237498 876345876 737 U " in attribute named NUMBER......... it is a concatenation of '89237498 876345876' ; '737' and 'U' .

Now from Number i have fetch '89237498 876345876' into FNUM, '737' to SNUM and 'U' into TNUM atrributes

Iam using the following query for this


SUBSTR('89237498 876345876 737 U ',1,index('89237498 876345876 737 U ',' ')-1)

This is fetching my first output as i wish...........
But iam not able to fetch SNUM and TNUM

Its is similar to INSTR in oracle

INSTR('NUMBER',1,1) but this fun contains number of appearences. Can u help the same with Index.