Issue with SQL assistant

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Issue with SQL assistant

I have installed TD 13 demo version on my machine. When I run teradata service control, I get the expected status message "Teradata is running". When I connect to databse using BTEQ, I am able to connect successfully and run queries. However, when I try to run SQL assistant, the connection times out and PDE state changes to RESET/PDEDUMP. If I try to log in next time I get the error message "Teradata sever can't be reached over the network". Could you please suggest me solution for this? Thank you in advance.


Re: Issue with SQL assistant

Try adjusting the connection timeout parameter on your connection and try setting a value for the Data Source DNS Entries property.  For ODBC these are found in options then advanceds on the DSN.  For connections these are found in the advanced tab.

For the connection timeout I have found 60 works good and for Data Source DNS Entries i would try 1 or 2.

William Miteff