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When a migration is done to Teradata,
1) Is it better to migrate the data to the warehouse and then map to LDM
2) Or do the mapping first and then migrate?

Point 1 is an option to save time and have data quicker in the warehouse. Please let me know.

Re: LDM Mapping

What do you exactly mean by 'migration is done to Teradata'?

From the operational system (business automated database) to a fresh warehouse?
From the datawarehouse of some xyz database product to a warehouse implemented in Teradata?

In any case mapping is done first and then data is migrated.
LDM - PDM - ETL is the sequence.

Teradata Employee

Re: LDM Mapping

Your option #1 sounds like a "fork lift".  That is a term used in Teradata Professional Services (PS) to describe a quick move off an old platform and on to a Teradata platform.  This is not uncommon.  The data model of the old system is ported to Teradata and then the data is transferred.  This is quick but not ideal.  This will not leverage the full value of the Teradata platform.  The data model design, (LDM/PDM) , should be adjusted to leverage Teradata database strengths.  A subsequent move to a Teradata specific data model on the same Teradata platform may be what you refer to as mapping.

Your option #2 sounds like a new model on the Teradata platform being filled from the old database.  This would be the preferred approach.  This will get you the most bang for your buck from the Teradata platform.  It may not get the data accessable on the Teradata platform as quickly as your option #1.  Even with option #2 it is likely you will make a staging area on Teradata so you can use an ELT process rather than an ETL process. 

In either case, the mapping from the old data model to the new will take the same amount of time. Teradata has a tool to assist in the mapping.  It is Teradata Mapping Manager.  It works with your modeling tool to speed up the modeling task.