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Leftover sessions from DataMover


After an ARC job there is a leftover IDLE session of datamover user on each source and target systems. Job completed successfully, but I ran cleanup anyway just in case - it didn't help.

We're running occasional DM jobs for now, but when it will get massive, those leftovers will be an issue for DM's User Pool (as they will be marked as unavailable, since still logged on, right?)

Is this a known issue? Is there a solution?

Teradata Employee

Re: Leftover sessions from DataMover

The DM Daemon logs on to both the source and target system when a job is created/started using the user accounts provided in the job. These connections are not immediately closed but are instead cached in case they need to be used again in the short term. These particular sessions do not count against the target user pool and will not prevent another job to use that same user. They should also eventually close out within 30 minutes or so on their own.

To see if these are the sessions you are seeing, you can try shutting down your DM Daemon for a moment and checking to see if the sessions go away.

Re: Leftover sessions from DataMover

Thanks a lot Kevin,

I don't think I'll be shutting down DM Daemon just to test it, but I will test an ARC job while those sessions are still on systems.