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Hello All,

I am working as teradata dba but I am new in teradata development.

Could you please help me to understand below questions?

1. Does load utilities will load data only from files? table to table not possi?

2. I have loaded data from ',' & '|' seperated source. How to load data from '(space)','(tab)' seperated source files?

3.Could you please post sample source file loading data?



Teradata Employee

Re: Load Utilities

TPT (Teradata Parallel Transporter) is the load utility suite you should be using.

TPT can load Teradata with data from flat files, queues, access modules and even from Teradata and non-Teradata databases.

With TPT you can specify any delimiter you would like.

The TPT documentation covers everything.

The Reference manual will discuss how to set the delimiter and the User Guide provides samples for how to create TPT jobs based on various loading scenarios.

TPT also provides sample scripts in the "samples" directory in the directory into which TPT is installed.

-- SteveF

Re: Load Utilities

Thank a lot Steve!!!