MLOAD - Using File and Table.

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MLOAD - Using File and Table.


I wanted to know if it is possible to Upsert in a target table using a file and a stage table using MLOAD. So for e.g

I have table PARTY as my target table which is empty.
I have a file testfile.txt and an existing table which has data.

So my requirement is to populate the empty table combining the data from empty table and the input file. Is it possible in MLOAD. I read the limitations of MLOAD but its not mentioned anywhere. If its not possible can you please explain the reason behind it if possible.

Thank You,
Teradata Employee

Re: MLOAD - Using File and Table.

MultiLoad can only load tables with data from either flat files, INMODs, or access modules. It cannot pull data out of Teradata tables.
Also if you are loading into an empty table, the UPSERT would not work; you would just be performing straight inserts.
TPT can pull data out of a Teradata table and also from a flat file (in parallel), but again, if you are loading into an empty table you are not performing UPSERT operations, you are performing INSERT operations.
-- SteveF