MLOAD import a .csv file

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MLOAD import a .csv file

Hey all -

Newbie here. Wondering what the syntax for importing (via Mainframe MLOAD) a comma-separated, .csv, text in quotes file?

What I am currently doing (and don't wish to repeat again as it may affect data integrity) is replacing all of the commas in the source file with a '|' and then changing all the double-quotation marks (") to nothing. After that, I'm using the following lines to import:

(where DDNAME is my import file).

This is all because the Alt-File-Import function via the Teradata SQL Assistant for .csv files is so unremarkably dreg ess (slow).

I'm extremely shocked that what MS Access loads in about three seconds over a network, Teradata takes hours via the built-in import function.

Thanks if anyone can help!
Mike B.

Re: MLOAD import a .csv file


what is the volume of data you load everytime? accordingly, you can try BTEQ as well.....


Re: MLOAD import a .csv file

About 65,000 rows by 15 fields wide, text and numeric, no field longer than 15 characters.

I do have other possible future applications of MLOAD where I have between 1 and 2 million rows and 30-40 fields wide.

So I'd think BTEQ would lose a battle like an ant to a shoe when compared to MLOAD's import power in my situation...