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MVC on BYTEINT column


I am using AtanaSoft for MVC purpose.

I have a table with size 22GB.

When I am running tool to generate MVC values I am observing that flag columns (BYTEINT datatype) are not getting any compression values.

Why so ?

As per my understanding, flag columns has value 0 or 1 and should be good candidate for compression ?

Any comments guys why I am not getting any MVC value for such columns via tool ?



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Re: MVC on BYTEINT column

Hi Raj,

I don't know about the costing algorithm used by Atana, but it's hardlly worth compressing single byte values.

Compressing 8 bits to 1 or 2 does not save a lot of disk space. And in worst case there will be a new Presence Byte inserted in every row to carry those 1 or 2 presence bits resulting in saving 6 bits per row but expanding the row by 1 byte.