Major Issues Installing and Uninstalling TTU 15.10 (Windows, Win7 x64)

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Major Issues Installing and Uninstalling TTU 15.10 (Windows, Win7 x64)

Greetings Teradata Community--


Have you come across problems installing or uninstalling TTU 15.1?


Reaching out to see if anyone else has had major issues installing, uninstalling and or repairing TTU 15.10. Ran a search on the discussions thus far and came across these threads:


Complete TTU Removal (Aug 2016)
TTU Installation Problem (Feb 2016)
TTU 15.00 Windows Installation Issue Janurary (2016

TTU 15.0 Not Properly Installing Or Uninstalling (Nov 2015)


The thorn here appears to be 'SharedICU'--both for x86 and x64. When I run the included ListProducts.exe in the downloads, they and CLIv2 appear as still installed despite attempts to uninstall/fix which include:


Attempting to locate and Remove via Add/Remove Programs through Control Panel (not there)

csripting the provided uninstallation script (/SUITE:ALL /FORCE:TRUE)

regedit Cleaning all Teradata keys

Manually deleting associated directories (after system wide search)

Downloading and attempting to reinstall TTU 15.00 and 15.10

3rd Party uninstall tools

Unscheduled Disk Cleaning/Defragmenting of my system


(restarts guaranteed)


Nearly convinced that there's no way of simply uninstalling the latest of TTU (which at this point is 15.10).


Objective is to have all the accompanying tools (ODBC, Assistant, CLIv2, BTEQ, Wallet, etc) installed on my company machine--appeared easy enough to check the desired and install but running into issues I can't seem to track down solutions for or investigate/troubleshoot further.


Solution(s) and assistance is greatly appreciated. 




Re: Major Issues Installing and Uninstalling TTU 15.10 (Windows, Win7 x64)

Just when hope was nearly lost (for the day)--


Turns out I should've stayed close to 'OS' Home:


What I ended up doing was using the Microsoft Fixit utility found here (Microsoft Fixit)

Ran the ListProducts.exe one last time to take down the usual suspects (SharedICUx86, SharedICU x64, Teradata CLIv2)

Downloaded and ran the utility

Followed the steps for uninstall issues

Located the respective programs

Utility found more corrupted registries and keys

Turned from stun to kill (told the utility to get rid of them) and viola! Gone


Downloaded the latest and greatest TTU

Installed, Tested, Success!


Careful--this was helpful for my system (Win7, x64) your mileage or experience may vary.