Max Sessions different for TPUMP and MLoad?

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Max Sessions different for TPUMP and MLoad?

Hi all,


We are seeing behavior where out TPump/Streaming jobs match the amount of sessions we define in the connections ... but the MLOADs do not


From out ETL tool there are options that allow the sessions & instances


Despite any changes on the MLOAD jobs (even adding partitions and buffers) - one target table will consume about 25 sessions. I have monitored the sesssion counts closely (DBC.sessioninfo) and see it climbs to 300 and then abruptly stops/ fails with:
    TPTWR_301       [ERROR] Type:(Teradata CLI Error), Error: (CLI2: SESSOVER(301): Exceeded max number of sessions allowed.)


What is pecular is that the TPump jobs go up to the max sessions possible for our QA DB which is 420.

QA has 2 Nodes, 4 PE's per Node and 48 AMps. This allows 420 max sessions (Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance 2690 )

We've changed the number of max sessions int he connections and the CLISPB.dat many times with no results. Currently it's set to 600 but the jobs still fail right at 300 only for the Mloads

I cannot see anywhere else where this session max amount may be set on the client side - 


Does anyone know where the max amount of sessions can ba changed for MLoad? (and why it's different than other utilities?)


thanks very much in advance!