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Our site recently purchased a new Node to replace our production system. Many users have spent their time entering MDS information for the old system. Since the new production system shares the same structure as the old system is there a way to use the old metadata for the new production system?
Teradata Employee

Re: Meta Data Services

MDS tracks warehouse metadata based on the Teradata IDs for items like databases, tables, columns, views, etc.. If you perform a full system backup/restore, including DBC, then the Teradata IDs should not change and you should be able to continue using your existing MDS repository.

If you are going to re-create your databases/tables on the new node then these will be assigned new Teradata IDs which will not match those in the MDS repository. So you will need to resynchronize all of the databases you are tracking in the MDS repository. If you are using MDS 12.0 and have added description information to table, columns, view or you business data (i.e. BusinessAttributes, BusinessEntities) then you should enable the "Retain Associated Business Information" option so you don't have to recreate this data.