Mload Vs Fastload in loading empty target table

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Mload Vs Fastload in loading empty target table

Greetings Experts,

Say I have a empty target table which is ideal to load with fastload.  

1)  If I load the target table with Fastload and Multiload, which would be faster and why?

2)  Suppose the target table is a fallback table, will the fallback on the table carried out simultaneously while the table is loading or after completion?

  I have gone through some where that the fastload is faster than multiload to load under above condition.  I do suppose it's due to the fallback capability that Multiload presents for its ET,UV,ML tables which may take a bit longer (Does fallback capability is induced for Auxiliary tables in Fastload?).  

3) The NUSI to be created which will take a bit of time if defined on target, will it be created only after completion of loading or will it be in parallel while loading the table.  

Thank you for your valuable insights.