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Mload date column


I am not able to load the date-attribute with Mload, for a file exported by FastExport.

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can you verify if you are using correct DATEFORM while exporting and importing data.

I see from the Manual that there are two DATEFORMs in which date time formats can be imported/exported

1. ANSIDATE - specifies a Fixed length CHAR(10) DATE data types for Mload/Fexport job
2. INTGERDATE - specifies a integer DATE data type for MLoad/Fexport Job.

Try to see that the Fast Exported date's DATEFORM and Import(MLoad) DATEFORMs are same.Just in case if they are different.Try to make them same and run the script. I hope this should work.

I will keep checking manual for more details on this. Can you please post samples of your Fexport and Mload scripts , so that I can help you better.

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while exporting i have exported in YYYY-MM-DD format from the table to Flat file in ANSI Date format and while importing also im using the same format YYYY-MM-DD.There are two date columns in that table, calendar_date and the getting error only in the run_date but not in the calendar_date.the error is Invalid Date and the error code is 2665.

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Re: Mload date column

The following is the description of the error message you got.

2665 Invalid date.
Explanation: This error occurs when date arithmetic
is attempted on an invalid date.
Generated By: AMP Steps.
For Whom: End User.
Notes: Dates are stored as integers in the form YYMMDD,
where YY is a calendar year beginning with 1900.
Values such as 861332 are invalid as dates and may not
be used where the value is to be used as a DATE data
type. This error can also occur when character strings
are being converted to DATE and the character data is
in the wrong format or conversion results in an invalid
Remedy: Correct and resubmit the request.

You hit this error due to 2 reasons

(1) Invalid integer date in Import data.

(2) Error during conversion of character strings to DATE.

The error you are facing could be due to Conversion of datatype.

Re: Mload date column

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The information was of great help.