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MultiLoad automation

Hi -

I am new to working with Teradata. I tried searching the forums for how to create a batch file to initiate a MultiLoad script but was not very successful. I would like to use Windows scheduler to kick off a MultiLoad script to populate tables over night.

Does anyone have an example of a batch file initiating MultiLoad?

Also I initially used OLELoad and FastLoad to load the staging table. I am using MS Access as a passthrough for the Oracle tables I am staging. I would like to now create a scheduled ETL with MultiLoad to refresh the tables over night.

Any suggestions on how to get started on this would be great.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: MultiLoad automation

I also have the same question, can someone help ?

Thanks in advance.


Re: MultiLoad automation

Just call Mload in your bat file and pass it a script.

Mload < .\Mload_VC.txt >> .\Error.log