Multiload...5 table per what?

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Multiload...5 table per what?


I am using multiload under MVS. From the Multiload manual:

• Each MultiLoad import task can do multiple data insert, update, and delete functions on
up to five different tables or views.

Does this mean per Multiload job (ie per step in JCL), or per ".IMPORT" command within muliload itself? If the latter is correct, can I then assume a single multiload job can handle an arbitrary number of tables by having multiple ".IMPORT" commands?


Re: Multiload...5 table per what?

A single Mload "job" consist of a "BEGIN xxxx MLOAD" and an "END MLOAD" at the end. For this pair, you can only maintain 5 tables, each of which are referenced in the "BEGIN xxxx MLOAD" statement.

I don't know whether you can logoff after the "END MLOAD", create a new logtable, and log back on in the same job step or not (I doubt if you can, but have never tried it). I'm not sure what benefit you would get from this as opposed to doing this in the next job step.

Hope that helps.