Multiload --sequential or parallel for multitable

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Multiload --sequential or parallel for multitable

Hi All,

Can anybody clear on below:

We are trying to load 3 files in 3 different tables within same multiload script.
As a part of impact analysis we have been asked if suppose 1 of file loading failed...will all the insert statements will be rolled back?
Basically we want to know :
1)These 3 inserts will be executed parallely or sequentiallly at RDBMS level?
2)Will these be part of same BT/ET or 3 different BT/ET will be submiited?
3)can we load multiple files into same table within same mload....will that be sequential or parallel....
4)insert...update ...delete on same table...will it be parallel or sequential

A sample script will help a lot for any of above scenarios.......
Teradata Employee

Re: Multiload --sequential or parallel for multitable

Each .IMPORT statement can only accept a single file name. Each .IMPORT statement pertains to a single load task, and each one is executed sequentially.

Within each .IMPORT statement you can specify one or DML labels and each DML label can contain one or more DML statements. These statements are sent to the DBS before any data loading takes place.

When the file is read, the DBS will understand which DML statements need to be executed on which rows of data (depending on whether there is a WHERE clause in the APPLY statement).

Each .IMPORT statement will execute within its own BT/ET transaction.

MultiLoad cannot load data from multiple files in parallel. If you would like to perform that type of data loading you would need to use a utility like TPT.
-- SteveF