Needed effective tool for making queries

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Needed effective tool for making queries

Hi Gurus,

Im just starting to work for Teradata as a consultant. After 5 years spending at competition now Im looking for some tool in TERADATA ;-) (or partners) for making queries in the fastest and the most flaxible way. I need it to analyse data fast and effective. Expecting many of PoC situations this tool will be using to query database in order to discover data and relantionships inside.

Ive already seen the queryman (probably, not the newest version). However, my needs are bigger, I dont want to waste my time to write complex queries spelling the name of the columns or tables, I would like to have more intuitive drag&drop applications where the most part of my sql will being generated automatically.

Additionally, I would like to work directly on phisical tables instead of any abstract (business) layer.

Do you know any tool can help me?