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NetVault and Alert Policy

Our shop is having difficulty with our NetVault Backup failing due to what seems to be our alert policy through TASM killing "idle" sessions of the backup.

Shortly after our upgrade to TD we implemented a policy through Teradata Alert Policy Editor to abort idle sessions after 1 hour. We then noticed that our weekly NetVault backup was failing due to a "DBMS Restart or Session Reset".

We tried adding the 2 NetVault users to the Exception list in the Sessions tab of Alter Policy Editor, but the backup still failed with the same restart/reset error as before.

Last Friday afternoon we modified the policy to email instead of abort after 1 hr idle time. The backup was successful but we never got an email stating that the NetVault user had exceeded the 1 hour threshold.

Is it possible that the policy is aborting some sort of internal session that is used by NetVault but is not recognized as a valid user to send an email about?

We have another policy that emails our DBAs if a session is blocked and it DOES email when -internal session- blocks another user's session. This is what is so confusing to me.

Is there something I am missing?

Thank you,