Number of rows written by FastExport

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Number of rows written by FastExport


for tracing/audit reasons,
we want to store the number of rows fastexport is writing/is generating.
Fastexport gives a 'Notify' like '**** 15:16:11 UTY8722 93 total records written to output file.'.
Is it possible to catch this number (93) in a variable?
We're running fastexport in an Unix environment.
I know that it is possible to add an external function in fastexport which can write in an second file, or that you can look in the system output, but is there no (system)variable available like activitycount?
Keep it simple ;-)

Thanks a lot for an answer,

Re: Number of rows written by FastExport

I'm not sure if you could get that information to any variable but you sure could direct the output to a log file and use grep and other unix commands to get that value.