OLE Load error when trying to Transfer Oracle Data

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OLE Load error when trying to Transfer Oracle Data


I'm hoping someone has some suggestions for an error we're encountering using Ole Load (version 2.3) to transfer Oracle data (Oracle 9.0) to Teradata (version v2r6.0.2).

There are two access providers we have tried using (with neither success)
Microsoft's Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle (MSDAORA)
Oracle's Oracle Provider for OLE DB (OraOLEDB.Oracle)

OLE DB let's us enter a connect string for Oracle and Teradata successfully and shows the Oracle tables that can be transferred. We select a table and the columns, select Fastload. The connect to Teradata works, the table is created, and an error occurs after the define step:

**** 12:12:26 I/O Error on File Open: 34, Text: Cannot open a
connection to the specified data source provider,
"Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle ("MSDAORA")",
because: Oracle error occurred, but error message could
not be retrieved from Oracle.

We already know that the tnsnames.ora entry is correct because the Oracle SQL*PLUS tool works. Teradata ODBC works, can access Teradata via SQL*Assistant. OLE Load works when transferring data from one Teradata envrionment to the other.

Help please. TIA