Offload huge volume of data into flat files using TPT

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Offload huge volume of data into flat files using TPT

Hello guys,


I am currently on Terdata Version 13, and looking forward to use Teradata Parallel Transporter Version I have a simple use-case which requires a huge volume of data ( estimated size is around 1 Terabytes in stored files ) to be offloaded in local file system from Teradata Database.


I came to know about the perks of using TPT as an export utility which acts as fast as the good old FastExport and have gone through a basic guide of "how-to" on TPT.


But what it doesnt tell me ( neither does the Internet have fair amount of examples with tricky details )  is how to export a dataset that huge in THE MOST performance friendly way possible using the said tool.


I'm looking at a lot of "Export" options, Dataconnector Operators, formats and so forth, but I could very well use a solid example with all grounds covered and optimized to my performance needs.


So if anyone with some hands-on experience could come up with some examples, it will be very helpful.

Please note here, that the data set needs to be exported with a predefined delimiter and will most definitely have to be in text format.