OleLoad vs Win 2003

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OleLoad vs Win 2003

Hi all,

running OleLoad.exe ( on Windows 2003 32 bit I get the following error :

C:\Program Files\Teradata\Client\15.00\bin\OleLoad.exe is not a valid Win32 application.

Why? It's certified Windows 2003 o.s. versus TTU 15.00 ?

This is the list of istalled tools :

Version                 Display Name

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------           .NET Data Provider for Teradata 15.00           OLE DB Provider for Teradata 15.00           Shared ICU Libraries for Teradata           Teradata Administrator           Teradata BTEQ           Teradata Data Connector           Teradata FastLoad           Teradata OLE DB Access Module           Teradata FastExport           Teradata MultiLoad           Teradata Parallel Transporter Base           Teradata Parallel Transporter Stream           ODBC Driver for Teradata           Teradata CLIv2           Teradata SQL Assistant           Teradata GSS Client nt-i386           Teradata Studio 15.00.2

thank you